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Kato’s Nursery is a wholesale grower of ornamental nursery stock. The majority of our customers are retail garden centres, but we also supply landscape contractors and other wholesale nurseries.

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We pride ourselves for growing top-quality plants, providing professional customer service and for our regular, reliable and efficient delivery schedule. By volume most of our products stay in BC. We ship to most provinces in Canada and also into Washington State. Today, out of province sales is about 40%.
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Bougainvillea Secrets

We know it’s finally spring here at Kato’s when our shipment of Bougainvillea arrives! Bougainvillea […]


Nothing says spring like Asparagus

Labour-intensive to grow, asparagus are the young shoots of a cultivated lily plant. They’re considered […]

Rhubarb - A Delightful Spring Fruit

Rhubarb – A Delightful Spring Fruit

What could be more enjoyable than a fresh rhubarb pie or crisp on a glorious […]

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